Friday, 31 May 2013

Board Games: How We're Going To Do This...

So the Gloom review has been up for about a week, marking Games & Tea's first foray into the realms of game reviews.  We do hope you're all enjoying it, and will continue to enjoy our other reviews and playtests moving forward.
This is just a quick blog entry to mention how we're going to review board games.  As you've seen, the Gloom review was quite in-depth, explaining the contents of the box, how the game worked, and then looking at the pros and cons, and here at G&T we're very pleased with the way it came out.  However, with board games there's obviously going to be a lot more depth.  There will be boards, playing pieces, card types, tokens, counters... if we approached these the same way as we did card game reviews then they'd end up being thousands of words long and no one would want to read them.
So the logical solution seems to be to split the review into two parts.  Part one of any board game review will deal with the contents of the box, what the pieces represent and how they interact with one another.  Part two will deal with the run-through of the gameplay itself, and the assessment of the game when all is said and done.
We're hoping that this approach will allow us to keep all of the depth and attention to detail from the Gloom review, but without flooding the blog with depressingly long entries.
Games & Tea's first board game review will be going up over the course of the weekend with a look at Z-Man Games' Pandemic, so check back to see our verdict!

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