Thursday, 26 December 2013

Cards Against Humanity: Some Of Our Favourite Card Combinations

This review features subjects which may cause offence.  If you are easily offended by ANYTHING then for the love of God stop reading now!!!

A few weeks ago we posted our review of the long-awaited UK Edition of Cards Against Humanity. Now CAH was a popular game in its own right before the UK release, but since reaching us on this side of the Atlantic it's well and truly taken off, and it seems that right now it's impossible to spend more than a few minutes on the internet without someone making reference to it.  Indeed, it's probably the most frequently played game here in our collection.

Well we're not too proud to jump on a bandwagon when we see one rolling past, so we're going to follow on with the currently popular trend of posting some of our favourite CAH card combinations.  Some of these will be offensive, but we're falling back on the same old disclaimer we used in the review, and we hope that if you're still with us by this point that you're not the easily offended type.  Enjoy!

Yeah we know we used this one in the review, but it's still one of our favourites!

Kids, it's perfectly normal to touch yourself...

Okay this was dark even by our standards.  It won the sought-after Awesome Point though...

It's all part of growing up, Tracy.

Because he will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger...

Sometimes you get a white card which just works with too many black cards!

Again this is so, so dark.  Another Awesome Point in the bag then.

Wow.  Sean Penn's a dick to survivors.

Sorry, Maureen, but it was 25 years ago.

Sorry, God, but you just don't cut it.

It's all good fun until you need to get out.

But which drop are we talking about?

Because every cloud has an AWESOME lining.

Sometimes the winner is just too hard to choose.

Jimmy Savile continues to disturb even now.

Well the social elite need something to pass the time. 

She does keep them locked in her trophy cabinet after all... 

Now now, Mr Grylls, I think that's called "cheating".

Because they're an inspiration to us all.
Nothing more needs be said really.
Those childrens tears again.
"Hope" is actually Bear Grylls' nickname.
If only Wendy could say the same thing.
And I might not even get it back afterwards...

These are just some of our favourite combos (and we can't help but suspect there may be further Cards Against Humanity galleries in the future!), but if you've seen better then why not post your favourites in the comments section below and give us all a good laugh?

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