Monday, 9 December 2013

Sedition Wars vs Deadzone: We apologise for the delay.

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlegamers.  It's with much regret and a heartfelt apology that we have to announce a delay to "Part 2: Gamplay & Verdict" of our Sedition Wars vs Deadzone comparison, due to an unprecedented lack of opponents for both systems!
Usually when we post the box contents of a game, we've already played at least a couple of rounds and so are ready to press straight on to the gameplay side of things.  With these two, on the other hand, we were so eager to get the ball rolling that we began the process before we'd even had a leaf through either rulebook!  The expectation was that whilst you lovely folk were taking a peek at the difference between the box contents we'd be up to our elbows in mutant skirmishes, and the gameplay review would be ready to put up without too much delay.  Unfortunatley as it's turned out we've been unable to find an opponent for a single game of either Sedition Wars or Deadzone, and so there's no immediate sign of this gameplay review on the horizon.
We did toy with the idea of taking down the previous two articles, but decided to leave them up as a box content breakdown may still be useful to anyone looking at buying one of the two box sets.  At this point though, we don't anticipate the gameplay analysis being available this side of the new year.
We are chalking this up as a learning experience, as we are still a fledgling blog, and will make sure we've actually played games in the future before starting up the review process!
On that note, just because Sedition Wars vs Deadzone is on hold it doesn't mean that Games & Tea is going to be shutting down over the festive season!  We've still got several games on the review pile which we have played thoroughly and are still yet to give our verdict on, so stay tuned for more excitable ramblings in the weeks to come!

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