Sunday, 23 February 2014

DreadBall Xtreme Now On Kickstarter!

Back towards the end of last year, we brought to you our thoughts on Mantic Games' tabletop/board game of futuristic sporting action: DreadBall.  We had very positive things to say about the game as a whole, and one thing we mentioned was that it had a bright future ahead.

Well Mantic have gone and turned up the wattage on this bright future, dazzling us with their latest addition to the franchise; DreadBall Xtreme.  The core DreadBall game is set in the highest echelons of the league game, with vast stadiums, multi-million credit players, and stands full of adoring fans.  Xtreme, on the other hand is set to bring DreadBall down to a grittier level.  To describe it as "grass roots" DreadBall would be a start, as long as you were willing to go past the roots, through the topsoil, and down into the dark, dank underground of the sport.

Whilst original DreadBall teams will be compatible with this new version, Xtreme features some major changes to the original format, including a lack of referee (meaning fouls/murder are now an accepted part of the game), a customisable play area (so scoring zones and launch areas are no longer a constant), and sponsors to pull the strings behind the scenes!

DreadBall Xtreme is currently open for funding on Kickstarter, so for further details and if you wish to pledge, click here.  $75 (including shipping to the UK and US) will get you a copy of the boxed game upon it's completion, which consists of 2 teams (including 2 prone players for each side), 2 Sponsors, 9 Free Agents, 4 Strike Posts, Scenery Crates, Dice, Cards, a Roster Pad, Rulebook, and 2'x2' Deluxe Pitch.  A $150 pledge will get you a host of Kickstarter exclusives, and from there the sky's the limit, with pledges going all the way up to a whopping $5000!

Funding for DreadBall Xtreme closes on March 16th, and whilst it has already met its funding goal, going in for the Kickstarter bundles will give you more bang for your buck than waiting for the store release.  Mantic's current shipping estimate is November 2014, and we're certainly looking forward to seeing how this is going to play!

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