Saturday, 11 April 2015

Happy Tabletop Day!

Happy Tabletop Day, fellow gamers!  That's right, it's that time of year again when people all around the world get together to celebrate their love of board games, card games, miniatures and roleplay, and we'll be no different.  Now whilst you might expect a slew of content on such a prestigious day, the fact is this will be our only update.  Why?  Well because we're gamers too, and we'll be enjoying our hobby on Tabletop Day just as much as the rest of you!  We do have quite the roster of playtesters at Games & Tea, but we're having a mini-reunion of the intrepid piratical trio from last September's trip to Amsterdam for the release of Pirates! Card Game.

That said, we aren't going to let this massive gaming opportunity go to waste, so we just want to give you some idea of what's to come from us off the back of this...


A couple of weeks ago we uploaded our first ever "First Impressions" podcast, opening up our newly arrived Kickstarter game 404: Law Not Found.  Well we have just received another Kickstarter game in CLASH: Dawn of Steam, so we'll be recording a First Impressions podcast of that today, which will be up for your listening pleasure soon.  Being just a card game, the CLASH unboxing is going to be much shorter than 404, but still we'll be taking a look at the quality of the materials, print quality, artwork and so on, and seeing if the physical game lives up to our donation.


As you've hopefully realised by now, we've got our review mojo well and truly back, with three new reviews uploaded within the last two weeks; Space Alert, Pirate Fluxx and Love Letter: Batman Edition.  Well we'll be playing a whole host of unreviewed games throughout the day, with Coup, Firefly: The Board Game404: Law Not Found and Small World all already being looked at as potentials, so off the back of Tabletop Day we'll inevitably be bringing you our thoughts on something new.


We've been listening to YogsQuest on Youtube quite a lot recently, and if it's taught us one thing it's that some games can be almost as much to listen to as they are to play.  Obviously this isn't going to be applicable to all games - Arkham Horror, for example, would make quite a dreary 3 hour listen.  Something along the lines of Gloom, on the other hand, might make for a nice bit of entertainment, so we're going to record ourselves playing a few games, and if we think they end up interesting enough then we might just release them to the general population.


We'll be drinking tea today - we are Games & Tea, after all.  This won't have any effect on our upcoming content, but we thought this still deserved a mention.

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