Thursday, 11 June 2015

Exciting (personal) News!

Good evening, fellow gamers and tea drinkers!   And game drinkers, if that's your thing.  And drunk gamers.  In fact, a very good evening, one and all, to anyone who has taken the time to wander into our little caffeinated corner of the interwebs.

Normal service shall be resumed shortly, with a number of game reviews and at least one unboxing podcast imminently on the horizon, but for now we have an exciting little announcement we wanted to share with you all.

Any regular readers out there (hello, regular readers, we love you!) can't have failed to notice that we've been featuring a fair bit of Guild Ball as of late.  Well today we received the news that your beloved* (*may not accurately represent actual feelings) Teamaster has been officially named as a Guild Ball Pundit!
Many tabletop systems have volunteers within the hobby community, with Wyrd's Malifaux Henchmen probably being the most well known.  The purpose of these volunteers is that they give up their free time every now and then to promote their chosen game, run intros for new players, and organise competitive events.  In return they can be rewarded with anything from shiny and exclusive toys, to invites to exclusive events. Guild Ball has decided to adopt a similar system, with their volunteer network being called Pundits, and recently opened registration for any interested players, and today Teamaster Rob was officially elevated into the ranks of Guild Ball spods.

So what does this mean for Games & Tea?  Well there may be a little more Guild Ball content.  This isn't our way of turning our blog into a shameless advertising service - this isn't what Games & Tea is about, nor will it ever be our way of doing things.  This blog is run by gamers for gamers, and is a way of showcasing our passion, and the simple fact is Guild Ball has quickly become a passion.
As the Teamaster will be getting directly involved in organising Guild Ball events, there will undoubtedly be write-ups of these events.  There may be more miniatures going up in the painting gallery, and there could even be information about future releases, who knows?  One thing that won't change is our heavy focus on card and board games, and our overall love for the hobby in general.

In the meantime this has been cause for celebration here at Games & Tea, and we're thrilled to be getting involved with a brand new system in its earliest days!

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