Sunday, 28 July 2019

A Solo Approach

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the tea cupboard!

That's right, Games & Tea still lives... sort of... barely.  Unfortunately over the last couple of years some big life events have taken their toll, and the gaming group of which Games & Tea used to be comprised has drifted apart and gone their separate ways.  At this point Teamaster Rob (myself) is the only remaining member, and while I still do manage to pull together a couple of people for a board game night every now and then, it's not frequently enough to really be able to get any decent reviews and playtesting done.
However, I do still have a lot of love for this blog, so it may be time to do things a little differently.  Time to take a solo approach...

With my addiction to board games in no way fading, and the number of board games with single-player options growing rapidly (only this weekend I've backed the exciting looking Etherfields on Kickstarter), I'm going to focus the blog more on these solo outings.  This doesn't mean I'll be abandoning multiplayer games altogether, just that I'll be reserving reviews of those for the rare occasions when the opportunities present themselves.

As an appropriate start to Games & Tea's return from the grave, I'll be looking at a Kickstarter game which arrived on my doorstep at the very end of last year:  Resident Evil 2: The Board Game by Steamforged Games.

Resident Evil 2 is nice enough to include a solo play option.  It's largely like a 2 player game, but with a single player controlling both characters, but there are a couple of other rules tweaks to keep it balanced.  So in the coming weeks (starting with this afternoon) I'll be attempting a solo playthrough of the main narrative campaign, and posting the results and thoughts on the overall single player gameplay.

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