Our Painting Gallery

Seeing as we're picking up more games which need to have their miniatures painted, we're going to be using this space to showcase some of our fully painted toys!  We may not be the best painters in the world, but what we lack in skill we certainly make up for in enthusiasm!  So enjoy our gallery, which we will hopefully be able to keep updated regularly.  We may also occasionally feature guest entries from some of Games & Tea's close hobbying friends!


A trio of Plague miniatures ready to unleash havoc!
The Cybertron Sentinels!  Our first DreadBall team, with the colour scheme based on the Decepticons from the G1 Transformers cartoon.

Steve Batman; Guard of The Arkham Outcasts!  Our Marauder team based on the Arkham videogame series.
Guild Ball

Our first fully painted Guild Ball team: The Masons Guild! Left to right: Flint, Honour, Brick, Marbles, Mallet and Harmony.
Our alternate Masons Guild lineup! Left to right: Snakeskin, Harmony, Mist, Honour, Decimate, Marbles.
Our second complete team, and our first custom goal token : The Fisherman's Guild! Left to right: Kraken, Shark, Angel, Salt, Greyscales, Siren.

Puppet Wars
Seamus!  The Resurrectionist master, and our first fully painted Puppet Wars miniature.

Following swiftly on from Seamus, outcast master Pokey Vik!
Finishing off the masters, Lady Justice of the Guild.
And moving onto the sidekicks, with the lovely Misaki!
...and also Bete Noire.
Of course no round of Puppet Wars is complete without pawns!  Don't let the leotards fool you, these Executioners pack a punch!

The December Acolytes in all of their toasty warm glory!

The Convict Gunslinger - a danger to themselves and everyone around them!

The Death Marshalls, always ready to back up Lady J!

Everyone loves a Rotten Belle!  At least Seamus does, anyway...
Sedition Wars
A selection of Strain models. Now if only there were some Vanguard to hunt down...
Ah! Here they are!

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